Ivoicet – Elpida Koutsoumpaki

Workshop Testimonials

The high quality of Elpida's work was already familiar to me, as I had worked with her in the past on individual issues related to my voice. She also managed in just two sessions to help my wife regain 100% of her voice after recent vocal cord paralysis resulting from neck surgery. I'm overjoyed that I finally got to join her webinar and learn how to decode the mystery of voice and vocal mechanics, all at once. By providing plenty of audio-visual material, Elpida helps to immediately understand the physiology and anatomy of the larynx. I was also impressed by the precision of her techniques, which were clear, concise and immediately applicable by all participants, regardless of experience, knowledge level and genre of song. Her webinar is a must-have tool for any type of singer, as well as any voice professional.
Angelos Samartzis
Tenor - Opera singer
I would first like to thank you very much for the new world you have opened in my professional career! Your talented delivery and personal interaction with us won me over. In this 1st Level, I gained knowledge and a new perspective of speech and voice therapy. Many techniques were taught and through the experiential way of conducting the program, the continuous opportunity for practice, I was able to perceive, understand and feel all the techniques and what they offer us through negative practice, the clinical cases and also the evaluation of myself with each technique. Ι would definitely recommend the workshop to all colleagues and those who would like to get into the field of voice therapy as I think you are the most suitable person for this training, it is something you seem to love and you share that love with us without holding back any bit of your knowledge and experience. I would love to continue this journey with you and thank you so much for your energy! Despite the distance between us, you managed to make us feel right next to you! Good luck and see you at the next Level!
Eleftheria Tarpidou
Speech Therapist
The Level 1 webinar is a unique and easy-to-use tool for all those who want to get started on this magical voice journey. One of the most interesting workshops I have attended, very experiential and informative. Mrs. Elpida, with particular liveliness, expressiveness and constant interaction with all of us, managed to pass on her knowledge, new useful information and her passion for the voice. I look forward to the continuation of this beautiful journey!
Aggeliki Glyka
Speech Therapist
It's only been but a few hours since I completed the Level 1 Integrated Voice Therapy Webinar for speech therapists and the emotions that have flooded me are countless. Joy, excitement, satisfaction and impatience for the next levels are some of them. The two-day webinar was an amazing opportunity to start our journey into the fantastic field of voice. It was a detailed, well-structured and very interactive webinar that matched and even surpassed live training workshops. Also, the small number of participants makes communication more direct and effective. Thank you very much Mrs. Koutsoubaki for giving us the first "ticket" of our personal voice journey!!
Katerina Papazoglou
Speech Therapist
I believe that IVT is an ideal therapeutic tool that every therapist who is determined to work in the wonderful area of the voice should have. Both the theoretical and the practical part of the program are effectively structured and carefully planned so that each individual therapist has the opportunity to practice alone with the techniques that are videotaped. I look forward to the next levels.
Vasiliki Koulouri
Speech Therapist
The workshop was just as I expected!! Totally interactive and clinical and we left overflowing with new knowledge!! All the techniques that were all novel and helped us to start studying our voice in more depth and it will surely help us in the therapeutic intervention!! Thanks for everything!
Andreas Alexandrou
Speech Therapist
Thank you so much for this excellent workshop full of knowledge that you presented us, revealing to us this magical world of voice! There was absolutely no disadvantage to the workshop being delivered online. It was equally experiential and understandable as if it were an in-person training! There was plenty of time for individual practice of all techniques. I feel overjoyed to have been introduced to a new and interesting horizon, both professionally and at a personal level. I was impressed with what this two-day Speech Therapy training offered me and I can't wait for the next level! Thank you very much!
Paraskevi Danga
Speech Therapist
The Level 1 webinar was excellent. Even via Zoom it was 100% interactive with ideal use of audiovisual material. But really, I was particularly impressed by the coherence and flow of the individual modules, from the preparation material, the theories, the practical exercises, to the conclusion, everything was leading somewhere! At the same time, Elpida transforms the webinar into a unique experience for each participant, focusing on the individual needs of each one. I got a lot of information from the workshop and it helped me understand my own voice better!
Ioanna Angelidou
Speech Therapist
I would like to thank you for the workshop, it was better than I expected. Initially I wasn’t sure how and if I would be able to grasp the practical techniques, but through your patient guidance, I was able to achieve so much. Also, I find it very helpful that we will have the video recording of the exercises in a few days so we can practice! I can't wait for the next level!
Renata Dimopoulou for Level 1
Speech therapist
Very satisfied with the Level 1 workshop. Balance between validating theory and literature, clinical experience and practical techniques. Great delivery from Elpida. At the completion of the two days I really felt that all my questions about the Level 1 material and techniques had been resolved, though I feel reserved as to how well I will do the techniques while I practice until the next level!
George Tsirkinidis
Speech Therapist
Each IVT level is separate and unique because each workshop covers the level that the trainee can fathom. So the information he receives (theoretical and practical) matures so that he can attend the next level with the information in place and ready to continue. The webinar was beneficial because after the workshop, though you might feel like you can't remember everything, the practice recording material arrives and it fills you with confidence because you remember all you learned straight away and you can practice for hours and it will stick with you. I highly recommend this workshop to my colleagues, after this experience. Elpida you have a fantastic ability to deliver clearly and concisely and that is rare. Also, each and every detail and bit of information that you deliver so generously can be decisive if we use it in the context of assessment and intervention of a patient.
Renata Dimopoulou for Level 3
Speech Therapist
I would like to thank you very much for these wonderful two days, it was really a journey for me that I don't want it to end. I now feel that I know the mechanism of phonation, but mostly I feel it with all my senses. I look forward to the application of these techniques, but also to the next JOURNEY at the next level!
Xrysanthi Vasilarou
Speech Therapist
I think the webinar was excellent!!! For the following reasons: a) there was preparation material (BEFORE the workshop) so that we could remember things or add new knowledge to that already existing b) it offered what it claimed it would ... EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING!! We actually DID the techniques, we weren't just taught them. c) there were only 8 of us, which helped us all practice a lot d) even though it was online, I didn't feel it was lacking in anything compared to live. Plus we'll have the videos for extra practice. A new world opened before me! Shocking how the voice can recover, even in very difficult cases. I feel motivated to practice on myself and I can't wait for the next level! Thank you so much!
Konstantina Lappa
Speech Therapist