Ivoicet – Elpida Koutsoumpaki

The Integrated Voice Therapy Approach to Vocal Rehabilitation

The Integrated Voice Therapy approach is a comprehensive therapeutic approach aiming for essential resolution of voice difficulties and maintenance of a healthy, efficient voice. 

The therapeutic approach integrates the Biomechanical model for control of the vocal mechanism, based on Dr. Alison Bagnall's Voicecraft approach with an holistic understanding of voicing through the prism of the Mind-Body-Emotion synergy.  This integrative approach combines vocal mechanics with a holistic approach to voice rehabilitation that encompasses a person-specific view of vocal difficulties.

Voice Therapy with the Integrated Voice Therapy approach is driven by the well established scientific evidence on the form and function of the vocal mechanism that was researched extensively by the late Alison Bagnall, PhD and Jo Estill,  singer and voice researcher.

Extending this work and considering the multifaceted nature of voice difficulties as well as the complex reasons that are involved with the development of common voice problems, the Integrated Voice Therapy approach incorporated techniques from the fields of Psychotherapy, Myofascial Therapy, Affective Neuroscience and Learning Theory.

This holistic approach to vocal rehabilitation extends well beyond more traditional approaches to voicing that relied heavily on breathing and relaxation techniques.  With the Integrated Voice Therapy approach the principle target is to guide each voice user towards mastery of the voice, fully aware of the specific steps that need to be made in order to create predictable and efficient voice results.  Ultimately, the voice user becomes empowered towards taking control of what is happening to his voice, his body, his thoughts, his emotions, his life.