Ivoicet – Elpida Koutsoumpaki

Scope of Voice Therapy

Voice Therapy is for everyone who needs to develop mastery of their vocal mechanism for:

  • preventing vocal discomfort
  • rehabilitating the voice to a safe and functional voice
  • extending vocal skill so that voice production is predictable and efficient for all vocal needs.

To this day, voice production is commonly mis-considered as a function of the body that is beyond direct control for most people, save for a few lucky talented folk who were born with what is considered a “gift”. Little is known of how the voice is essentially a combination of musical instruments that can be relatively easily mastered and skillfully controlled by anyone, not only the talented or the musically inclined.

We now have a clear understanding of the intricacies of the voice and how it can be trained with mindful exercises, we know more about how it is connected to the rest of the body, and we are aware of how emotions are involved with voicing in a two-way relationship that both shape and are shaped by the voice.  As such, vocal rehabilitation now aims for restructuring not only the way someone uses their voice but also the way they perceive of and feel about the voice.

Voice Therapy is for every person wanting to have control over how their voice will sound, including:

  •  teachers
  • singers
  • public speakers
  • voice coaches
  • specialized therapists
  • anyone having trouble with the way they sound