Ivoicet – Elpida Koutsoumpaki


Elpida Koutsoumbaki has been privatizing in Athens since 1996 as a Special Phonotherapist – Speech Therapist – Psychologist. He is the creator of the integrated approach to the rehabilitation of voice disorders, Integrated Voice Therapy, which he applies clinically and teaches through training seminars. Her many years of clinical experience as well as her wide range of collaborations during her professional career, have established Elpida as a specialized therapist with a multifaceted treatment of voice disorders.

The modern voice therapy approach Integrated Voice Therapy enriches older, established voice therapy techniques with developments from the sciences of kinesiology, psychotherapy and neurolaryngology, evolving the science of Voice Therapy with an interdisciplinary approach. Selected collaborations and a specialized interdisciplinary network of voice actors, psychologists / psychotherapists, voice physiotherapists and voice coaches, ensure a comprehensive and comprehensive treatment of any voice disorder, with the most up-to-date rehabilitation techniques.

Elpida is a founding member of the interdisciplinary Voice Mentoring team. She has collaborated for the creation and operation of special voice therapy departments with the Athens Voice Center, the Athens Medical Center (Voice and Swallowing Department), was a founding member and Head of the Voice Department of the Athens Voice and Swallowing Center and works closely with Voicecraft International Ltd. Clinically, it provides specialized and personalized training services, prevention and rehabilitation of voice disorders. He has many years of experience with interdisciplinary teams staffed with prominent scientists in the field and the international scientific community. Her participation as a speaker in numerous world conferences, workshops and seminars has sealed her presence in the evolution of the science of Phonotherapy. Educational, She is an associate in an undergraduate and postgraduate program of the Pedagogical Department at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. She was a lecturer in the course of Voice Disorders at the Metropolitan College of Athens as well as an assistant lecturer in the courses of Social Psychology and Statistical Research / Analysis at Westminster University in London.

The specialized seminars of Integrated Voice Therapy techniques are unique in Europe and are offered with live and online seminars. Their object is the training of speech therapists and voice specialists (singers, voice coach, singers, ENT doctors, acting teachers, etc.), in the mechanical control of the voice.

The training seminars are addressed to those who want to develop as voice experts, with modern techniques of control of the voice mechanism and to those who deal with the voice, thirsting for scientific deepening. They are aimed at those who are attracted to the specialty of voice therapy and are interested in developing it by traveling to the fascinating world of voice with a global, experiential approach through scientifically proven education. 

For the clinician who sees the voice therapeutically, for the performer who experiences it artistically, the mystery of the voice does not cease to challenge us to a perpetual evolution, revealing with absolute safety the infinite possibilities of the voice. Elpida’s goal is to accompany in this journey of evolution with every person with whom she collaborates in a clinical and educational context.